No to the new immigration bill

What you can do:

- Write to your MP and members of the House of Lords

- Sign the petition

See report from recent protest here

This law is inappropriate in principle, lacking in proper evidence, costly and unworkable.

It is unacceptable to force NHS staff, landlords, lawyers, universities and bank clerks to act as immigration officials.

We believe that this hostile legislation ignores the positive social, cultural and economic contributions that migrants have already made, and continue to make, to the UK.

The new law will only exacerbate existing institutional racism.

We also believe that these new measures will have incredibly detrimental effects on the lives and wellbeing of new arrivals, settled migrant communities, and those with British citizenship here in the UK.

We need to organise within our community to understand that these changes will affect us all and that we can resist them and support each other along the way.

Together we are stronger!

More information can be found here:

The following information has been put together by Leeds No Borders volunteers. It is not a legal fact sheet and as the law is not yet passed, the information can change.

Find out more about the changes here immigration bill handout

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