UPDATE – Orashia detained for third time

10450739_1492046794365232_4771463956215274324_nOrashia was detained again for the third time on the 25th July as he went to sign on in Waterside. His most recent appeal was denied yesterday yet nobody was informed until today, again leaving little or no time for Orashia, his family or his legal team, to prepare. Please help inform others and pass on this latest news.

He has been detained at Colnbrook Detention and removal Centre in Middlesex. He been assessed by a psychiatrist and reports acute mental distress. Friends and family are planning to visit him, but there is a need to raise funds/provide a lift to help with travel. Please get in touch if you can help.

Contact details for Colnbrook -
Telephone: 020 8607 5200

Colnbrook immigration removal centre
Colnbrook Bypass
West Drayton

Visiting hours are between 2pm-9pm


Let Darlin finish her studies!

Great news – Darlin’s flight was cancelled! However, as she is still in detention there is still work to do. Release her from Yarl’s Wood detention centre immediately!

Darlin Abubakhari Kiwanga came to the UK from Tanzania to study in August 2012. She is currently at the end of her second year of a 3 year business degree at the London School of Commerce. On the day she was due to hand in her assignments, she was detained by the Home Office and taken to Yarl’s Wood detention centre. She never got to hand in her work and is currently in detention, waiting for her bail hearing on the 31st of July!

Despite applying to renew her student visa within the given deadline, the Home Office sent her paperwork to the wrong address. The Home Office have made a mistake but instead of admitting it, they are now claiming she is suspected of plagiarism in her English test. This is completely untrue and Darlin has the full support of her college. She has excellent grades and attendance and the college have written a letter in support.

Darlin is in a long-term relationship with her British boyfriend in the UK, and has the support of her brother here. Despite sharing a surname with her brother & father, the Home Office don’t believe she has either a brother or a boyfriend in the UK.

Having worked hard to study in the UK, Darlin only wants to complete her degree. She is happy to return to Tanzania after graduating, as she only has another year left of her degree.

Please support her campaign to finish her degree. Sign her petition and share it online. You can also get in touch with your MP, and contact the Home secretary RT HON Theresa  May. Tel: 020 7219 5206 Fax: 020 7219 1145 email mayt@parliament.uk .


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