Campaign to Stay

Many people have managed to win their asylum cases by campaigning, even right at the last minute when it seems too late!

Take strength from this and never give up.

Right to Remain have a great booklet to help you  understand the asylum & immigration process and campaign for the right to stay. It gives excellent advice on the whole process from the initial asylum screening interview to fighting against deportation.

You might want to contact your local MP for support.

If you would like support with your campaign please contact us.

Please note :

We are a group of volunteers and we will do our best to support you but cannot guarantee to always be available.

We receive no funding from any government or businesses.

We are not lawyers

We offer practical solidarity, initial advice and mutual aid to all asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and sans-papiers.

We will try to help find advice/organisations that can help,  decent solicitors  and also provide the resources to support people with a public campaign.

If someone is detained by the Home Office we will try to help contact their lawyer, friends and family, arrange for their belongings to be looked after, provide emotional support and encouragement, contact the press and media about their case and run emergency campaigns and protests to stop them being forcibly removed.


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