Many people have been let down by bad legal advice, especially if they don’t qualify for legal aid and so are having to pay themselves.  Check your solicitor is genuine and registered with the Law Society by typing their postcode in here. If it comes up, it’s registered. You can also check on here.

Click here to find a good free legal aid solicitor

Click here for a guide to finding a good solicitor.

You might be able to get some free legal advice from Citizens Advice These are Leeds firms people have recommended:

Ison Harrison 0113 284 5000
Parker Rhodes Solicitors 01709 511100
Bankfield Heath Solicitors 0113 249 7781
Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors 0808 129 3320
Halliday Reeves 0191 477 7728
Henry Hyams 0113 243 2288
More immigration solicitors in Leeds

In Wakefield: Halliday Reeves

Legal support in detention

Immigration legal system factsheets

ncadc toolkit

Out of country appeals & charter flights

unaccompanied minors

Please let us know about your own experiences with solicitors so we can keep this list updated

Remember you can change your solicitor at any time by sending them a letter.


Migrant Law Project  ‘Introduction to the immigration & asylum system and basic principles of public law’ training pack


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