Sibongile Must Stay!

Sibongile is currently in Yarl’s Wood detention centre and has been issued with removal directions back to Zimbabwe on Monday 27th January 19.00 Kenya Airways flight KQ101/KQ700.

Before her detention, Sibongile lived in Wakefield and was active in her local church. Her 3 children and her grandchildren are all here. She is a carer for 2 of her grandchildren and is worried about how they will cope without her.

Sibongile claimed asylum as soon as she arrived in the UK in 2012. Her lawyer dropped her case the night before her appeal hearing and so she had to represent herself. Due to this poor legal representation, she knows her case has not been presented well.

She suffers from flashbacks and has only recently been able to start to talk about what happened to her. She now has a solicitor and is submitting a fresh claim.

She knows many people who have been removed and then ‘disappear’ once they are handed to the authorities on arrival in Zimbabwe. She is extremely afraid that this could happen to her.
Human rights abuses are well known under Mugabe’s brutal regime and so it is extremely unsafe for her to return.

What you can do:
1. Please contact Kenya airways and tell them not to fly Sibongile! Monday 27th January 19.00 KQ101/KQ700 Kenya airways terminal 4 from London Heathrow tel: 020 82831800
email: and

2. Contact the Home Office and request the flight be cancelled and Sibongile released from detention  (you will need to give her home office reference number M1421602-002)
The Right Honourable Theresa May, Secretary of State

3. Please sign the petition


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