Signing support

Some things you can do if you are worried about being detained:

Before you go to sign, contact Leeds No Borders to see if we can help 0775 11 79 886

When you go to sign…

– Always have your solicitor’s mobile phone or emergency number on you. If you do not have a solicitor, write down one of the phone numbers on this paper.

– If possible, take a friend with you when you go to sign, or call a friend to say you are going there. Or call us and we will call you before and after to check you are ok.

– Make sure Leeds No Borders or a friend has all the information about your case (your name, date of birth, Home Office reference number, your solicitor’s phone number, etc.) so that they help if you are detained.

– It is a good idea to make a file with copies of all your legal documents. Give it to someone you trust, who does not live with you. They can use this information to fight for your case when you are in detention.

– Make sure you know exactly what is happening with your case. Check regularly with your solicitor. Many solicitors do not call people – it is important that you call them regularly and ask. You can also ask your solicitor to write you a letter explaining your situation, which you can give to the immigration officers in case you are detained.

Prepare yourself for what to do if you are detained – read here


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