Monthly prison & detention writing group

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Being in detention or prison is incredibly isolating. People are often held in detention indefinitely and it is incredibly hard to stay positive and strong. Getting a little message of hope & friendship can mean so much.

Writing letters & making cards is a simple & fun way to show solidarity to people in prison or detention centres.  We meet once a month, materials are provided but bring along any stationary if you can. We make them at the monthly social (next social listed here ) or simply write a card or letter whenever you like & send to the addresses below:

People in prison

Click here to find out more about detention centres.

If you know someone in detention or prison that would like to receive letters please get in touch

Writing for the first time?

It can be a bit daunting to write to a total stranger who’s situation might be very different from your own.

Here are some suggestions:

A card is always lovely to receive, pictures brighten up a dull wall and there’s also less space to write in case you get stuck!

It can be easiest to start by introducing yourself a bit, explaining you are part of the Leeds No Borders writing group, your interests/work/family/hobbies/friends/campaigns, current news, words of hope & encouragement to keep strong, explain about the support network (eg no borders) of people protesting, petitioning, campaigning, challenging the lies about migration.

Think carefully before you give out your personal details as they will be read by security. You can give out the leeds no borders phone for people in detention to text or call 07466699812.

This website has more info about writing to people in prison.


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