List of detention centres

What is immigration detention?

There are 12 detention centres in England and Scotland, they must be shut down! The UK is the only country in the EU which has no limit on the length of time that asylum-seekers can be detained.

  1. Campsfield House, Oxfordshire
  2. Brook House, Gatwick
  3. Colnbrook, Middlesex
  4. Dungavel House, South Lanarkshire
  5. Harmondsworth, Middlesex
  1. Larne House, Antrim
  2. Morton Hall, Lincolnshire
  3. Pennine House, Manchester
  4. The Verne , Dorset
  5. Tinsley House, Gatwick
  6. Yarl’s Wood, Bedfordshire
  7. Cedars near Gatwick ( run by Barnardos)


Check out Detained Voices to read stories, experiences and demands by people held in UK detention centres



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