Upcoming events

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April events

Wednesday 15th April tbc Orashia’s court case in London
Thursday 23rd April 2pm  Signing support meal & volunteer meeting Thursday 23rd April 6.30pm  Planning meeting to support Calais      Thursday 23rd April 7.30pm Calais benefit gig
Tuesday 28th April 12-1.30pm Monthly protest
Tuesday 28th April 6.30-9.30pm Monthly social     
Thursday 30th April 6pm No Borders film night



Calais –Some people are planning to go every month. Please get in touch if you are interested in coming/finding out more/donating :) leedsnoborders@riseup.net

Later trips and fundraisers planned for Calais in next few months….updates on Calais here

Calais wishlist

* Tents, tarps and sleeping bags – we always need lots of them;
* Bikes, bike trailers and bike repair stuff – are always needed and really useful for people to stay mobile and get around;
* Pots, pans, utensils, plates, cups, cutlery – for people in the squats and jungles;
* Books, dictionaries, texts, zines etc – in any and all languages. Especially, English, French, Italian, Arabic, Pashto, Farsi, Tigrinya, Amharic and Greek;
* Games & music making – card games, board games, footballs, basketballs, and any instruments etc;
* Tools – for fixing stuff;
* Phones, phone chargers and sim cards;
* Cameras – we are always in need of good cameras as they are often damaged / destroyed by the police;
* People – if you have time, energy and any skills come and support people in Calais.

Anyone interested in helping organise a block at the Leeds May Day march?


Right to work for asylum seekers
Equal rights for migrant workers
An end to racist immigration controls

Leeds No Borders did a small one last year and it would be great to see more people joining this year.
If anyone is interested in organising/spreading the word/have contacts that might be useful, please get in touch :)

Want to get more involved?  We are all volunteers and always keen to hear your ideas or plans for events so feel free to come to the monthly organising meeting or get in touch leedsnoborders@riseup.net  :) Thank you!


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