Signing & detention support project

Whilst having the agonising wait for their asylum decision and go to court, people seeking asylum must regularly sign at Waterside Court in Leeds. This can be daily, weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly or every 6 months- the Home Office often change it to keep people on their toes. For many people there is a real fear of being detained so each visit is loaded with anxiety.

People seeking asylum have often had to flee for their lives and so there is often a high rate of mental health problems such as PTSD, anxiety and depression. The complex and stressful asylum process unfortunately exacerbates this. Imagine having to constantly prove your experience to officials who have no idea what you have just had to deal with.

We offer support by ringing the person going to sign just before and just after their appointment. It’s a very simple action but has a massive impact. Knowing someone is looking out for you gives reassurance that if you get detained, your supporters can act fast.

People can also ring us to ask for help with finding a good solicitor, chasing up solicitors, signing posting to other support organisations or just needing to hear a supportive voice. Our phone 07466699812 is on Lyca so is free from other Lyca phones (which many people seeking asylum have) or you can give us a missed call or text and we’ll call you back asap. Sometimes it’s easier to talk in person so you can call and see if one of our volunteers can meet you or come along to our monthly socials.

There’s some useful information on signing here.

We  also support people in detention by calling once a week to check in and help find good solicitors and befrienders.

Please see here for more information.

Volunteering with the signing & detention support project

All welcome, no experience needed & you can do it from where ever you are.

There are a few different roles & you can volunteer for a day or up to a week each month-
1.Signing support phone-need to have phone with you & be able to check it during the day.
2.Support role-check in each evening with the phone person to make sure all ok
3.Calender role-check we have enough people to fill the above roles each month
For more info please get in touch


Although it’s a different project, this video from a Bristol group does similar work


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