Shut down detention centres

”Detention recreates the oppression from which many people have fled. It places detainees in predicaments parallel to those they may have faced under torture or previous detention. It is a noxious practice which should be opposed on medical and humanitarian grounds.” C.K Pourgourides and other medical practitioners, A Second Exile,

There are 16 detention centres in England & Wales but the Government plans to build more. They are run by private security companies such as Serco and G4S and are basically prisons.

Because of poor legal representation, cuts to legal aid, stricter racist laws & mistakes by the Home Office, most people trying to get papers to stay in this country end up spending some time in one. You can be put in detention as soon as you arrive or if the Government is trying to remove you.  You can be detained indefinitely and many people end up stuck inside for months or even years.

There have been lots of deaths in detention centres, huge problems with mental health issues & incidents of sexual assaults by the Guards.

It can be incredibly isolating & scary. There are charter flights for certain  countries which mean you can just be taken with hardly any warning.

Most detention centres have befriender groups who are local volunteers that try to visit people regularly.

As there aren’t any detention centres near Leeds, we meet up each month to write to people.

Join us for our next session or write whenever you  have time, all details here.




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