Stop & search

  • It is already well known that Black and Asian people are more likely to be stopped and searched by the Police. In some areas black people are 29 times more likely to be stopped and searched. (Equality and Human Rights Commission)

  • This new law will make this racial profiling even worse in all areas of life, from the streets to the workplace, when applying for a bank account or driving license, renting a house, and getting health care.

  • It will create a hostile and racist environment for anyone who doesn’t ‘look’ or ‘sound’ ‘British’. It will fuel far right groups such as UKIP, EDL and BNP.

  • It allows the UKBA and the Police the right to retain biometric data even when someone has been someone has been granted papers or naturalised.

  • Already there is evidence of the racist abuse of stop checks:

This information has been put together by Leeds No Borders volunteers. It is not a legal fact sheet and as the law is not yet passed, the information can change.


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