Rosemary’s campaign

Please sign Rosemary’s petition here

Rosemary has been detained in Yarl’s Wood detention centre since January. She has 2 children (aged 14 and 4 1/2 years old) and was married to a British man but was a victim of domestic violence. Rosemary has been in the UK since 2000 and  was told that she had discretionary leave to remain.

Due to poor legal advice and mistakes by the Home Office, she is still waiting for her papers. She was forced to work without papers in order to support her family but was caught and imprisoned in 2012. This is the last time she saw her children.

When she was imprisoned, she was told her children would be looked after by social services until her release. However instead of releasing her last year, the Home Office put her in detention. The authorities have recently told her that her children are ‘missing’. Rosemary is obviously absolutely devestated. She has also been told that she can face deportation at any time. Being in detention means she cannot access the support she needs in order to trace her children and work on her legal case. Do not let the Home Office silence Rosemary by keeping her detained and allowing her to be deported.


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