Orashia must stay


Fantastic news! Orashia finally got his papers 🙂 thanks to everyone for your support

Orashia granted refugee status

After 3 1/2 years, detained 4 times and threatened with deportation 3
times, Orashia Edwards (33) has finally been granted refugee status. He
is no longer living in constant dread and is able to make real plans for
his future.

After hearing the news, Orashia said ‘ I want to thank everyone who has
supported my campaign over the years, none of this would have been
possible. I’m finally allowed to work so have applied for my national
insurance number and can go get a job and open my own bank account.
Things are really looking up for me, i’m buzzing’

This process has taken a horrendous toll on Orashia and his family and
friends but we are so delighted to finally get this result.

Orashia was represented by barrister David Chirico from 1 Pump Court and
Ana González from Wilson Solicitors LLP, both are experts in their field
and recommended by the UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group.

Whilst we are celebrating, it’s in the knowledge that the asylum process
in general and especially for people seeking asylum on sexuality
grounds, is completely flawed.
High profile activists such as Aderonke Apata, a lesbian from Nigeria,
is still fighting her legal challenge. Last year, the Judge unbelievably
ruled that Aderonke ”couldn’t be a lesbian because she has children”.
Despite the Home Office claiming that the process has improved, it still
involves years of waiting, extremely intrusive questioning and a culture
of disbelief. Almost 98% lgbt asylum seekers are rejected first time
around and the massive cuts to legal aid mean people are left vulnerable
with little or no access to representation.

We call on the Home Office to grant Aderonke immediate asylum and to put
an end to a dehumanising system which continues to traumatise, fail,
detain and harass asylum seekers, and in particular lgbt asylum seekers.
We call for ‘real’ justice and an end to racist immigration controls.

Defend Orashia #orashia


4 thoughts on “Orashia must stay”

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  2. Is there any info on why the JR failed – there’s usually legal arguments. The reason I ask is that I want to highlight some of the inherent biphobia throughout the process.

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