Monthly protest

Join our monthly lunchtime protests outside Leeds UKBA Waterside Court on Kirkstall Road. Click here to find out next one.

Asylum seekers must sign here either weekly, monthly or every 2 months and for many people there is a real fear of being detained so each visit is loaded with anxiety.

Why protest?
-Show solidarity with people going in to sign.’s a horrible experience and most people are liable to be detained at any time so each visit is filled with anxiety. We try to give a friendly welcome to people before they go in and offer them a leaflet with our phone number in case anything goes wrong. Many people going to sign express their relief at seeing friendly supporters.

– Raise awareness of the ongoing plight of people seeking asylum (not allowed to work, years waiting, living on £5 a day etc) -Kirkstall Road is really busy so we often have people stopping to ask more/beeps of support

-Let the Home Office know we are keeping an eye on them! Someone who works there told us quietly how much the Home Office management hate our protests!! It draws attention to them as a passerby could easily have no idea what goes on there.

-Come together as a group united against racist immigration controls. As the protests are during the day, numbers are pretty small but people come and go. It’s a really good place for people with and without papers to show their opposition to the Home Office and give hope that together we can make change.

Protests are used to highlight individual anti-deportation campaigns and have helped cancel a number of people’s flights.

No Borders, No Nations, Stop Deportations!


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