Legal changes (appeal, bail etc)

  • The new law will mean that some individuals will be removed even though they have a perfectly valid reason to stay. Cuts to legal aid and fast tracking the process will make it even harder for people to make their case.

  • Appeals on immigration decisions (refusal of entry or leave to remain, decisions to remove or deport) will be reduced
    In some cases, people will be forced to leave the UK before they can appeal

  • The Government wishes to reduce the use of Article 8 ‘right to private and family life’

  • It removes the right of appeal on any grounds other than asylum and human rights (and this is obviously up to the Home Office whether you qualify for this).

  • We already know many cases where people are illegally deported by the Home Office. Cuts to legal aid, bad solicitors, poor or little knowledge of legal rights, mistakes by the Home Office can all mean that errors occur but people will  have no right to appeal.

  • This information has been put together by Leeds No Borders volunteers. It is not a legal fact sheet and as the law is not yet passed, the information can change.

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