International students

-Whilst the UK economy benefits hugely from international students and Universities are wanting to increase their intake, this new law sends out a message that international students aren’t welcome in the UK.
-Already international students are made to feel like 2nd class citizens and receive little support from Universities if they have immigration problems.
-Already international students face huge problems with institutional racism, as highlighted in the recent ‘I too am Oxford’ campaign 
-All the checks that will be put on international students will create a hostile and racist environment for anyone coming to study in the UK.
-The average international student already spends something in the region of £75,000 for a 3 year degree programme. To pay any amount on top (which for a PhD student with a spouse, coming for four years, could be £1200 all paid in advance) will seem like a form of penalty charge and could well be a powerful disincentive.
-As the levy will be paid with the visa application, it will merely be seen as a massive increase in the visa fee and one more indication that the UK does not welcome international students.–schools/Policy-research–statistics/Policy-and-lobbying/Immigration-Bill/
-Please support these two international students campaigns:
Justice for Sanaz
Support Michel

This information has been put together by Leeds No Borders volunteers. It is not a legal fact sheet and as the law is not yet passed, the information can change.


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