No More Mass Deportation Charter Flights, January 2017 actions and beyond

Nigeria Deportation Group, Movement for Justice and deportees in Jamaica have called for two weeks of international action beginning 9 January 2017 against the British government’s mass deportation charter flights to Nigeria, Ghana, Jamaica, Pakistan, Albania, and soon Afghanistan, ahead of an anticipated charter flight to Nigeria and Ghana early 2017. Every year, hundreds of people are subjected to arbitrary detention and deported by these secret flights, escorted by private security guards.

Right to Remain, along with Corporate Watch, recently put together this new fact-sheet on charter flights in the UK.

January 20th Leeds – check out how to get involved!

For more information on national and international campaigns check this out –

Who is profiting from deportation charter flights?

On the reality of deportation charter flights

What else can i do?

Please sign and share this petition

One way we can resist deportation charter flights is to expose and shame the companies involved in the process, namely Tascor Services Limited and Titan Airways. Here is some contact information for the two companies. We can put pressure on these companies by writing, emailing and telephoning them, to complain and disgrace their involvement. We can also make their involvement publicly known through social media and petitions. The secret nature of these flights means these companies escape accountability.

Tascor E&D (escort & detention ‘business’):

Branch of Tascor Services Limited. This company provides the ‘escorts’ for deportation flights. Addressing complaints to individual directors might work more effectively. The active directors are Adrian Mark Norris, Patrick William Elliott and Owen David Conor Barry. According to their website Tascor prides itself on an ‘enviable safety record’, a line we can potentially use against them.

Main public contact (probably enquiries): 03333 040 512

Number for their London headquarters: 020 7808 5200 (ask to be put through to Tascor Services Limited as they share the building)

For writing: Tascor Services Limited, 17 Rochester Row, London, SW1P 1QT, UK

Escort and detention department: 08455 049 599 (please note this number is a sales number and calls cost 2p per min)

We can use this online contact page to submit complaints:


Titan Airways:

Titan Airways is the company that flies mass deportation charter flights from Stanstead Airport. Director is  Alastair Willson. Their tag line is ‘the airline of choice.’ Disturbingly, they were voted ‘Best Passenger Charter Airline 2016’ by BACA. These are phrases we can manipulate to publicly denounce their reputation.

For writing: Titan Airways Ltd, Enterprise House, Stansted Airport, Essex, CM24 1RN, UK

Online contact for complaints:


24 hr calling: 01279 680616


Carlson Wagonlit Travel:

This company is transfers people from detention centres to airports and also books and organises charter flights. Alistair Turnbull is legal director and Chris Bowen is senior vice president.

UK Head Office Address: Carlson Wagonlit Travel, 7th Floor, Maple House, High St, Potters Bar, EN6 5RF, UK.

Contact Number: 020 3353 0000

Public tweets could be effective:

Twitter Account:


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