Please see current petitions and campaigns needing your support:

Orashia’s campaign

M.N has removal directions for Sunday 4th October:

Nobuhle has been given removal directions again :

Here are updates of some of the previous campaigns (Jan 2015)

Mosa’s flight was cancelled, she has been released from detention and is now living back where she was before 🙂

Ahmed’s flight was cancelled and he was released from detention.

Darlin was released from detention.

Rosemary was finally released out of Yarl’s Wood and is now in Leeds

Michel has won his fight to continue his Masters despite Home Office trying to threaten him earlier this year.  Such unnecessary stress on him & his family and a huge waste of money and time. Thanks to everyone who supported his campaign :)Margret, a lesbian activist from Uganda had their flight cancelled and will be released from Yarl’s Wood shortly. Huge thanks to everyone who campaigned! 🙂

 Genevieve was finally released from Yarl’s Wood to be reunited with her daughter and husband at last.

Deborah’s flight was cancelled! She now is out of Yarl’s Wood & back with her friends in Portsmouth.

Florence was released from Yarl’s Wood and is now back with her friends in Leeds.

Funeka just rang to say she has lodged a judicial review so her forced removal tonight is now CANCELLED! For more about her campaign please click here

Sibongile’s FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED, she was released from Yarl’s Wood and is now back with her family in Leeds.
Big thanks to everyone who put pressure on Virgin & Home Office.
Shut down Yarl’s Wood! Freedom of movement for all!

Elizabeth & her kids got their flight cancelled and were released from detention. They are back home in Leeds and the kids back in school.

Josephine’s flight was cancelled, she is out of detention.



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