Support people in Calais

CALAIS SOLIDARITY- 5 ways you can help 🙂

1. Join the campaigns for freedom of movement & open borders.
Many petitions, protests & other actions happening. Monthly protest in leeds, see

2.Support refugees in Leeds
Get involved with No Borders Leeds,  provide a bed & meal for a night with Grace housing, do one to one english lessons, volunteer at the drop ins etc more info here

3. Go to Calais-read this first!

4. Donate money to this local group that’s been volunteering in Calais for years
paypal at
IBAN FR50 2004 1010 0513 4243 8502 647

Or donate the following:If you have these items, take them to nearest collection
*Stong plastic sheets/tarps/pallets/canvas/building materials for strong shelters (if you come with a van, many places to pick up free pallets and buy materials in Calais)
*Sleeping bags & roll mats
*Non-perishable food, flour & oil
*Containers/Jerrycan for food and water
*Shoes (practical waterproof hiking boots best, size 42 most needed)

5. Keep an eye on this page for requests for help with sorting donations,storage or driving


7 thoughts on “Support people in Calais”

  1. Where can we drop donations in leeds? Will you be taking items on Saturday 29th or Monday 31st August ?

  2. I am trying to get people knitting baby and childrens clothes, hats and scarves. where could we deliver them to?

  3. I can get hold of light weight yoga mats in carry cases would these be suitable .. Easy to carry and would give people a clean place to sit when needed … If so I shall arrange to deliver them somewhere . …

  4. that sounds good thanks, but we don’t know when our next convoy of donations will go to Calais (one has gone this week), so please hold on to any donations and keep an eye out for updates here, thanks

  5. hi, sorry just seen this, hope you got hold of us by another means. if you didn’t please hold on to your donation if possible until we make another call out when we know when our next convoy is going to Calais. many thanks

  6. I have a large tent and camping equipment could you tell me where is my nearest drop point to Ilkley? Thank you.

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